Social Media Marketing

The key strength of PokerFacePR is Social Media Marketing. We create and manage social media content on all digital platforms while developing a distinct online brand and reputation. We also maintain very high standards with a focus on viral and interactive content.

Imposter and Imitator Protection

A service very often requested is to eliminate all imposters and imitators across the internet. Those imitators very often inflict serious damage to the reputation of our clients if not dealt with appropriately.


PokerFacePR offers the service to create, launch and administer a creative and effective promotion. We help with the creative process, promotional text, terms and conditions, graphics creation and technical implementation.


We create a wide variety of different content for all available online channels. Our most commonly requested created content includes:

  • Facebook posts
  • Blogs
  • Tweets
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases

Web Design

PokerFacePR is proud to have their own team of graphic designers and programmers resulting in guaranteed quality and reliability. We follow our own internal coding standards and produce cross-browser and cross-device compatible websites. We integrate social media and email marketing to achieve a user friendly experience assured to deepen the connection and recognition between each visitor and your brand.

Digital PR

Digital Public Relations is the evolution of traditional PR including content marketing, social media cross-promotion and search engine optimization. PokerFacePR uses the combination of all available channels to promote and establish an online brand in its ongoing effort to achieve a successful digital PR campaign.

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Tel: +1 847 847 4710
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